Old Time Feeling is the multi-disciplinary project of Kelsey Sykes. It began in 2010 in Western Kentucky as a blog about small-town living, vintage hunting, and 70s country music. After a haphazard relocation to the East Coast, followed by a stint of farm jobs along the eastern seaboard, Sykes settled in an antebellum house in Richmond, Virginia, and began growing her own flowers and herbs. A trip to Japan the following year sparked an infatuation with Ikebana. A month after her return to the states, she hosted a Valentine's Day floral pop-up at a local vintage store that sold out within hours. She soon began an apprenticeship with Rhea Calpeno of Photosynthesis, with whom she worked for three wedding seasons. Old Time Feeling reemerged as a floral design business focused on locally grown flowers and the native and invasive species found growing in her various states of home. From long walks along the James River banks in Virginia to the wild roses found hidden among the weeds on her family's farm in Kentucky - to traveling the continents and exploring her new home in NYC, the discovery of the familiar and unknown continues to inspire Old Time Feeling.

Sykes now lives in Manhattan and manages a floral retail branch of Fox Fodder Farm at The Real Real Soho. She is available for any of your floral and garden design projects.